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My mission is to empower my clients and students to create a life of joy, self-love and true freedom while consulting and mentoring them to take full responsibility for their own lives and their own healing using the tools and techniques they learn from me and other teachers. ~ Bonnie Serratore

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Spiritual Acceleration Programs

Check out our upcoming clearings at SA. These are live events hosted at the Liberation Center. Join Bonnie Serratore in an hour long group energy clearing. Here Bonnie Serratore leads you through an energy clean up – you will release energies that are no longer serving you and regain more of your true essence. These clearings are available online in our online clearing library after the live event.

Explore how to move through your own inhibitions and learn how to clear them in others! Gain access to these highly involved teachings and cutting edge Spiritual Acceleration techniques. This is an advanced program created for those who already have intuitive abilities and are seeking to expand them even farther.

Our teens meet once a week to explore how energy works, learn basic energy work skills, and discover new realms, realities, and dimensions. Our group is open to any teen who is seeking something fun, welcoming, and new. Each teen will learn how to give clearings and be cleared by others.

Additional Tools

Many of us go to workshops and participate in events that leave us inspired. But then what? What supports us in moving forward? How can you avoid getting stuck while mired in your busy life? The Spiritual Acceleration Tribe is separated into four different levels. With each level, our tribe members receive different benefits and levels of access to clearings and teachings. Each membership level has varying access to the Clearings Library, with both video and audio recorded group clearings lead by Bonnie Serratore. The library is always being updated with new topic specific group clearings. The Master Tracker students and White Flame Ninja members also recieve access to the teachings archive, which includes different recordings from the Spiritual Acceleration Training. While listening to a clearing – your body clears the layers of energy you are able to feel into. After your body re-calibrates and you begin to feel the effects of that clearing, deeper layers often emerge. The deeper layers are often suppressed by interference. The more you listen to a clearing, the deeper and more transformative your change will be.


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The SA team consists of working practitioners trained by Bonnie Serratore. They lead classes, have private sessions, and act as mentors for students first joining the training’s. Please use them as a resource, guide and as a supplement to your work here at SA. Private and group sessions are available either by phone, skype, or in person.

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