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My mission is to empower my clients and students to create a life of joy, self-love and true freedom while consulting and mentoring them to take full responsibility for their own lives and their own healing using the tools and techniques they learn from me and other teachers. ~ Bonnie Serratore

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What Lies Ahead for Humanity on Planet Earth in These Unsettling Changing Times

  • How to co-create a beautiful unfoldment with ease during intense change
  • How to be free from thoughts and fears that simply are not real or true
  • Assist you to understand and realize how crisis serves all of humanity
  • Addressing what you can do to assist loved ones who are in fear
  • How you can shift your mis-perceptions of reality and be in the flow of the Divine unfoldment
  • How to face loss of loved ones and fully opening your heart to love
  • How to stop feeling like a failure with your partners, children, & jobs during crisis
  • How to stop looking outward (leaning out) for help when all guidance, support, and knowing come from within
  • How to be at peace and know all is well in the Divine Unfolding
  • And so much more!

This interview between William and Bonnie will be too much fun. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to, “have a blast” as Will would say! Together they will help you to lighten up, let go and be your authentic self, loving, laughing and not taking anything too seriously.